Committee Descriptions

Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council

Committees and ongoing projects 

Mission: To serve as a resource for the active promotion, coordination and support of the performing, visual and literary arts in Park Ridge. ™™™

Development Committee

Winterfest - While each and every Committee has great impact and importance, without an active Fundraising Committee, we cannot support or execute our current and future activities. The inaugural 2010 Winterfest was a temporary up-town holiday shop selling creations of our talented Park Ridge-based artisans.  A booth rental was levied and a percentage of the sales returned to PRCAC. Hand-painted gift boxes, Christmas wreaths, evergreen swags, holiday centerpieces for the home and table, Junior High photo art and fabulous custom-created jewelry were sold. It was a good start with an excellent location but repeat endeavors never followed for lack of talented staff and ideal vacant store-front locations. It should be continued however.  MEET: Once a month in members home.

 Lauridsen Documentary Showing - Morten Lauridsen, a living Washington state classical choral composer treasures serenity and silence.  His works are described as mystical and are sung all over the world; Mr. Lauridsen is "The Best Composer You've Never Heard Of" reports Terry Teachout in Sightings. "Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen" documentary is sought after by fine choral singers all over the country.  Fine choral society members most likely have performed some of his famous works such as Lux Aeterna or Magnum Mysterium but most have not seen this fine film; PBS has never aired it.  Classical musicians are very anxious to see it. Our evening will collaborate, hopefully, with the PR Civic Orchestra and the PR chorale in a glorious offering of fine music and will be the Chicago land premier of "Shining Night. This committee will meet as soon as possible to develop the evening for late in 2014 or early 2015.  Monthly meetings will take place in committee member homes or at 720 Garden if the supporting group swells to glorious size.  Near the premier date more frequent meetings will have to be called.  MEET: Once a month in member's home

Grant Writing - Each year the Illinois Arts Council asks for a newly-completed request form for its funds.  In addition, there are quite a number of other private sources for monies to increase the benefits to our artists and our town.  Local tax monies have completely dried up so private donations and legacies are constantly sought. This committee will learn the skills to seek funds to increase the operation funds and the Arts Council endowments.  We will take it at a moderate pace but will never let up; the coffers need a consistent level to further enrich the art colony stimulation and support in Park Ridge.  This committee will meet once a month however, more often if there is a serious grant turn-in deadline to meet. MEET: as often as necessary to meet deadlines.

Grant Research - It is critical that we research where pockets of private and public monies lie and learn how to, at the least, request funds for our art enrichment endeavors.  Learning to be a fund-raiser will be valuable for many future charitable activities. Come, bring your expertise or learn along with us. MEET:  Once a month in a member's homes.

Corporate Sponsorship - This committee prepares and mails letters to our Park Ridge companies, contacts the CEO/CFO personally with a plea for contributions for our Grant Fund and follows up with any requests from the donors. They will end a letter of appreciation and a tax letter upon receipt of the donations.  All donors will be announced on promotional materials. MEET: Once a month in member's homes.

Scholarship Committee

Youth Summer Arts Camp Scholarship- The year 2013 saw the inauguration of PRCAC's newest grant program. On merit alone, art applicants from each discipline - music, dance, visual, written, and drama, seek support for summer art camp tuition and board.  To get this task completed this committee finds applicants and judges/reviewers. Each interested artist must electronically submit a sample of their craft and a completed application by May 1.  The sample is reviewed and aligned with the values of the rubric for that discipline. Worthy applicants will receive their rewards at a reception in late May. Funds in the form of camp-endorsed checks will be presented to the winning students.  We need volunteers immediately to reestablish our panel of reviewers, seek additional reviewers if we have a plethora of applicants in any one area, and deliver/collect the reviewer's results.  Come to this committee and help make a budding young artist sparkle with a wonderful summer arts camp experience.

The application forms go out in early February to Park Ridge students in 3rd to 11th grades. During the month of May our reviewers will be determining the winners. The ceremony will occur at 720 Garden Street, the Not- For-Profit Center for the winners, their parents and teachers.  MEET: As often as needed in the late winter and early spring to get the news, forms and criteria out by February 1st.  Scholarship applications are due by May 1st.


Grants Implementation Committee

Arts and Education - Public and private Park Ridge schools may submit a request for funding to support and/or promote educational programs that provide learning opportunities related to the arts.  This committee will manage the communication and documentation necessary to implement this grant.        MEET: As often as needed in July to get the news, forms and criteria out by August 1st.  Grant deadline is October 1st.

Arts Fund - the goal of this grant program is to sustain and develop Park Ridge arts with financial support. Funding will be awarded to eligible nonprofit organizations or individuals for specific project support only.  This committee will manage the communication and documentation necessary to implement this grant. MEET: As often as needed in the July and 3early August to get the news, forms and criteria out.  Deadline is October 1st.

Collaboration- The goal of this grant program is to encourage arts organization and/or individual artists in Park Ridge to collaborate to create arts programming that would otherwise not be possible without collaboration. Funding will be awarded to eligible nonprofit organizations and/or individuals for specific project support only.  This committee will manage the communication and documentation necessary to implement this grant.  MEET: As often as needed in the late October and early November to get the news, forms and criteria out.  Deadline is January 1st.

Publicity Committee

Website updates/blog - PRCAC's website is an excellent means of talking to our friends/supporters - It is user friendly and designed vertically so that it can be easily accessed via a smart phone.  Each section has a portion dedicated to comments and blog participation.  We strongly encourage our grant or scholarship recipients to blog on our site with their pictures and comments regarding their PRCAC grant. The website remains vital if we converse about our experiences in the arts. In addition, the website has to be maintained and for that we need volunteers.  Even if you have little experience, come and learn how to report to our Park Ridge constituents what is happening in Park Ridge. MEET: only as needed.  Phone conferences should be adequate.

Newspaper/ print - Some residents of Park Ridge still don't use the computer but rely on newsprint for their updates.  It is vital that we get articles with images into print as often as possible.  The more visible we are, the easier it becomes to welcome new supporters and volunteers. Some people want to be published; here is your chance to realize that dream.  Come help us put PRCAC on the map! For the Shining Documentary we will expand our coverage to include the Reader, Tribune and Sun Times.  MEET: Attend major PRCAC events and compose articles for the Advocate, Daily Herald and the Journal. Submit your article for review and inclusion on the website.

Facebook maintenance - Here is your chance to now take us viral!  It will be great to have a robust FB page with hundreds and hundreds of friends who will evolve into stalwart supporters.  They need to know things are happening and when.  If you enjoy schmoozing your own page daily or at least several times a week, perhaps you would consider expanding your computer time and tweak Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council's page as well. MEET: It will be critical to meet initially to get acquainted; thereafter the FB guru will keep informed by their contacts who attend functions and manage the various Grants and Scholarships.

Community Outreach Committee

PR Materials - We need to create an Ad campaign and solidify our "brand" to assist Park Ridge residents knowing who we are and what we do. Our chairman could be a savvy marketing person guiding this critical endeavor to completion. It means designing a pamphlet, business cars, flyers and explanatory materials for the Council in general and then a little something for each of our Grants on a meager shoe-string or less budget.  We need 99% of our funds going to the art and artist of Park Ridge.  Please share your time and talents with us.  We really need to take the right path! Meet: At least monthly once the task is "on its way" but probably more often at first in members homes.

Taste of Park Ridge Booth - Who are we? Most folks in town have no idea at this point who we are and what we do. We have to get out and about; we have to talk the talk.  Having a PR booth at the Taste would reach quite a diverse audience putting us in the "mix" of things.  Handing out our PR materials: flyers and pamphlets, business cards and schedules, etc., may be a good first step in the right direction of community awareness, recognition and support. MEET: Chair organizes contract with Taste and all supplies we need. The helpers would give just one week out of their life.  A committee for this would lighten everyone's responsibilities.

Art Fair Booth - On Father's Day weekend the Park Ridge Art League sponsors a juried art show in Hodges Park in front of City Hall. It is critical that we continue to develop relationships with the artists of Park Ridge, support them, and call upon them to help review and critique our art camp scholarship applicant's work.  Being at their show enables us to meet and sign up supporters and volunteers from both the guests and exhibitors. The chairperson of this committee would arrange for a space, booth, table and chairs; the organization of greeters manning the booth is also in their purview. MEET: Meet in the late winter to gather volunteers, obtain permits and equipment. Publicity Committee will provide PR handout materials. This job ends around the middle of June until the following year.

Membership Committee

Database Management  We have started a database of our contacts: names, street and email addresses, phone numbers and category of involvement with PRCAC. This has to grow every day, week, month and year to nurture our support base as our projects and Grants mature.  Program growth is a good thing but our support base has to grow with it. Our master list is in Excel.  Familiarity with Excel and Databases as well as working online is needed for work on this committee. MEET: Only educational meetings are necessary whenever training is requested or offered.

Mail Chimp Campaigns Closely aligned with managing our contacts database is managing our communication with various sub-groups of our contacts depending on their involvement.  We might want to contact past scholarship winners, or grant recipients to remind them of upcoming grant deadlines; or scholarship reviewers that we will need their help this year.  We will use Mail Chimp to send out correspondence.  Familiarity with Excel and Databases as well as working online is needed for work on this committee. MEET: Only educational meetings are necessary whenever training is requested or offered.

New Projects Committee

Pop-up Art Park Ridge- This idea is just brewing and waiting for a group of local artists to get it up and running!  Using Pop-Up Art Loop from the Chicago Cultural Plan as inspiration, lets get a plan together to have local artists display their work in some of the empty store-fronts in Park Ridge!  It would be good for the artists, the residents and the property owners to have something exciting in those windows! MEET: Often as needed to get the project up and running according to the timeline set by the committee.


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