Arts for the Homebound

Arts for the Homebound

Grants for artists to service the homebound in Park Ridge

The goal of the program is to provide arts experiences to those in the community who are not able to be adequately exposed to or enhanced by any of the various arts organizations in Park Ridge. Identified and interested homebound residents will be visited by an “Art Angel” five times to initiate and complete an arts project in: dance, drama, music, visual, or creative writing. At the end of the year, if possible, the product of these collaborations will be displayed in a public location.

Partnering Artists

  • Are practicing artists in their discipline
  • Have experience working with/teaching people of various ages
  • Will submit to a background check
  • Will provide a resume with headshot
  • Will provide an artists statement regarding their desire to work as an Art Angel (50 words)
  • Will submit that the headshot, Art Angel statement, brief profile and contact information can be posted on the PRCAC Arts for the Homebound website

Artist/Homebound Individual Collaboration

Will be in one of these 5 arts disciplines:  dance, drama, music, visual or creative writing.  Examples:

  • Movement to music to the degree possible

  • Dramatic reading

  • Playing a musical instrument or singing

  • Painting, sketching or making a collage

  • Memoir or creative writing